Protect Your Interests During Estate And Probate Disputes

Estate disputes can be time-consuming, costly, stressful events for beneficiaries, heirs, trustees and personal representatives. The best way to protect your interests is to work with skilled litigators.

At R.C. Shea & Associates, we have served generations of families throughout New Jersey. Our firm provides strong, effective representation to individuals, trustees and personal representatives during estate disputes.

Will Contests And Breaches Of Duty

The two most common estate litigation triggers include:

Allegations that the will is invalid:

A will is supposed to represent the deceased’s final wishes. However, when surviving spouses, children and other potential heirs do not believe the will is a valid representation of their loved one’s wishes, they can contest it. Grounds for challenging a will:

  • Lack of testamentary capacity
  • Undue influence, coercion or duress
  • Fraud or forgery
  • Improperly witnessed
  • Unsigned
  • A newer will exists
  • Ambiguous terms

Allegations that a trustee or personal representative is failing in his duties:

Trustees owe a fiduciary duty to beneficiaries. Every action taken by the trustee must be done to protect and advance the beneficiaries’ interests, while adhering to the terms of the trust documents. Personal representatives, or executors, have many legal obligations. They must identify and value all property, notify and pay creditors, submit the estate to probate and distribute assets. When trustees and executors fail to live up to these duties, they can be held personally liable.

A Combination Of Strength And Compassion

At R.C. Shea & Associates, we represent heirs and potential heirs, beneficiaries, trustees and personal representatives during estate litigation. When representing our clients, our lawyers have one goal: to get the best outcome possible. We draw upon our more than 35 years of experience litigating and negotiating to find solutions that protect our clients’ financial and property interests and shield them from personal liability.

Estate litigation is complex. The law is not the only factor in play. Family relationships must also be taken into consideration. During disputes, our attorneys are cognizant of the financial, property, legal and personal issues at stake.

Contact Skilled Litigators

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