Three Reasons You Need A Will

1. A will helps you protect those closest to you. It enables you to specify how your life’s hard-earned assets are passed to those you care about the most. Your will helps minimize problems and disagreements among your heirs after you pass away.

2. A will enables you to specify who is to take care of your minor children (or just as importantly, who is not to take care of your minor children).

3. A will allows the probate process, that follows your death, to be carried out as quickly and painlessly as possible for your heirs.

Other Important Reasons

Other important reasons for having a will range from minimizing your taxable estate, to helping to reduce New Jersey estate taxes and federal estate taxes, to specifying any/all organizations to receive gifts and/or donations, and to reducing the amount of stress your loved ones will encounter during what will already be a stressed-filled event with your passing.

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