Elder Law and Nursing Home Planning

As our population continues to age, both planning for your elder years, as well as maintaining your quality of life during your retirement has become both vital and quite complex. If you find yourself too confused and afraid to address these issues, allow us to help. Living Wills, tax planning, Medicaid issues, transfer of wealth, trusts, etc… it all seems overwhelming we know. The truth is, with a trusted adviser in your corner, its not as ominous as it appears.

We have been helping families and individuals plan for, and manage their retirement years, and are here to offer our help to you. Knowing where you are headed and what to expect, goes a very long way towards lowering stress now and allowing you to feel more confident of your future.

Planning for the possibility of a nursing home stay, whether it be temporary or permanent, is best done as far ahead of time as possible. Certain look-back periods are in place by the government that need to be taken into account now to help you shelter your assets. Planning now will help you transfer your wealth to the younger generations, while minimizing your estate’s tax liability as much as possible.

And if a major mental or physical disability should strike, your advanced preparation will serve you and your family well, during what may be an incredibly traumatic event for all.

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