Top 10 Reasons to Seek Legal Assistance If You Sustain a Work Related Injury

1. Although insurance companies provide you with medical and temporary benefits in the event you are injured in the course of your employment, they usually are not going to inform you that you may be entitled to permanency benefits; and if one does, it may provide you with a benefit which is less than the true value of your injury.

2. Many people are not aware that you may be entitled to medical treatment, although controlled by the employer, that is reasonable and necessary to cure the effects of an injury or disability caused by your work.

3. Did you know that you are entitled to temporary disability benefits of 70 % of your wages, up to the yearly statutory maximum for the year of your injury, in the event that the authorized physicians indicate that you are medically unable to work, or in the event that your employer does not accommodate the limitations placed on you by the authorized physicians?

4. You may be suffering from injuries or disability as a result of your work effort, but suffered no specific traumatic incident, which may still entitle you to benefits, although it is much more difficult to attain same.

5. When injured as a result of your work effort or a specific traumatic event, you are entitled to re-open your case for up to two (2) years after your last date of benefit, for either additional medical treatment or permanency, in the event that your condition has worsened.

6. There are procedures in place in the system to insure that you are provided with medical treatment and temporary disability benefits in the event that you sustain an injury in the course of your employment, such as filing a legal petition to the court, in the event that you are not provided with the benefits afforded to you under the law of New Jersey.

7. In the event that the disability arising out of an injury in the course of your employment ultimately renders you unable to re-enter the work force, you may be entitled to Total Disability, even if you are totally disabled as a combined result of your compensable injury coupled with pre-existing disabilities.

8. In the event that you are rendered totally disabled, you may be entitled medical treatment for the residuals of your compensable injury as needed, without end.

9. If your work related injury is as the result of the negligence of another entity, not your employer or a co-employee, you may have a legal action against that third party.

10. It is always easier to navigate the New Jersey Court system with a guide.

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